Why should I have work done on my roof?

Long term saving money

Many things want your roof. This includes termites, squirrels mold and mildew. If any one of these things gets into your house it can cost thousands of dollars and an evacuation of your home to attempt to get rid of it. While there are some other causes to these problems, a faulty roof will greatly increases the chances of these infestations.

Property value increase

While not only decreasing the long term effects of pests A new roof and siding is very valuable in the appearance of your home on the market. Doing work can actually profit you with the increase in value due to appearance and structural befits. This ensures your next home owner they will run into no unexpected costs, while the home remains more visually appealing to them.

Structural benefits

Your roof is your first line of defense against damage. If this breaks water and various pests could eat away at the structure of your roof causing potential collapse, or costly replacements. You could think of this as your skin, If you get a cut you are much more likely to get an infection until it is healed.

Enerygy loss

Especially with the fluctuating climate of Colorado you want to reduce your heating and cooling bills. Older roofs are much less efficient with heat and insulate your desired temperature worse. With new roofing technology our roofs can be much more efficient, helping you save money and save energy.


Many different things can get stuck on you roof causing a pileup of items. This can be hazardous when snow comes around, putting more weight than your roof was ever meant to hold especially with an older roof. When too much weight is placed on the roof a collapse or sagging can happen, all from a snag on your roof.In addition trees can be a problem for you roof. When growing over small branches can greatly help create clogs, while larger branches can do major damage themselves.

Combonations of problems

One roof repair could cost you tens of thousands if not completed. Any one of these problems can be disastrous for your home, but they can all lead to other problems, further increasing you costs.