About Us

About Lakewood Roofing

At Lakewood Roofing Co. our mission as a business is to provide top quality care to your roof, resulting in your safety and cost reductions down the road. We value customer service over everything else. Colorado can be quite unfriendly to your roof, with rapid changes, to Hail damage. At Lakewood Roofing Co. we specialize in repairing and replacing all of these problems, with more than ten years of experience. We strive for quality of quantity of roofs finished Allowing us to surpass our competitors with more specialized, accurate work. Because of this we like to let our customers know what they are working with and provide free roof inspections and estimates. In addition we specialize in insurance work.

Our history

Lakewood Roofing Co. started in 2006 as a roofing company on a small scale. Since then we have gathered loads of experience from working with many clients from all different sectors of the industry, lots of private home owners, but also with many larger commercial roofing endeavors. From this point we seek to bring you the lowest prices, while having the nicest materials in the industry. We have served a Number of happy customers throughout the years. Since our start we are proud of being the best roofing contractor for the Lakewood area.

Our workforce

At Lakewood Roofing we are thorough and tough in our hiring process, ensuring only there most experienced and qualified roofing specialists work with you. If you wish you can meet members of our workforce through our social media. We are happy to answer any questions on our workers or our installation process with a call.

We have a workforce of XX workers allowing you the quickest service possible, Allowing your damaged roof and legal claims to finish quickly to remove all stress from your life decreasing the amount of money you would spend on roof repairs down the road, by doing it right the first time.