Roof estimates

At Lakewood roofing we always provide the best service to all of our customers. This includes providing as accurate as possible information to all of our customers. We seek to provide free accurate estimates to ensure every customer knows what they are getting into with their current roofing work. Our experienced contractors can speak with you over the phone at 720-248-7999 or by filling out the contact box on the right.

What to expect from your roof

Please note that the best way to figure out how much repairs and damages could cost is to see one if our representatives. After a natural disater insurance companies will raise rates, so even if you don't file for your roofs damage you are still paying for it. If you have no experience working on roofs we strongly discourage doing DIY work or climbing on your roof to inspect damage.

With that being said what is a quick way to determine the damage and or lifetime of your roof:

Hail damage

Typically hail will first damage softer items on your roof before tearing up the shingles, this includes items such as gutters and air vents as well as wooden pieces

Shingles themselves will usually no appear damaged, this does not mean that they are not. Parts of the roof can be damaged behind the shingles while the distortion is minimized.

Hail damage is rated on a scale. This is most likely determined by your insurance company. Representatives at Lakewood roofing can help you determine the degree of damage to your roof, saving you money from insurer.

Insurance companies will also determine if the hail damage is recent, in the past or from multiple sources.

Use resources like your local weather reports to track storms, as well as the severity of them

Wind damage

Wind damage can result in one, or multiple, tiles flying off of your roof.

Wind damage is quite uncommon in colorado. A missing tile could mean worse things for your roof, such as faliure of adhesive

A missing tile can cause serious problems, the most common being damage to the unprotected part of the roof. This could result in a much more expensive repair than just one single tile.


A leak in your roof can be caused by any of the issues above, making it important to inspect your roof for other types of damage whenever you get a leak.

If you roof has not been inspected in a while there might be a leak that you do no even know about. Sometimes these will be confined to the attic, which does not reduce the threat they impose.

While leaks can certainly cause structural damage, one of the biggest threats even with a tiny leak, is mildew and mold. Most attics are kept dark, and when water is introduced attic mildew can become a financial and timely nightmare.

At Lakewood Roofing Co. we are able to patch a section of the roof, permanently stopping the leak and also preventing damage in the future. This is more efficient and cheaper than replacing your whole roof.


If your roof is more than twenty years old, it is time for a replacement ASAP. Roofs can wear out before then, especially in Colorado's climate. This could be indicated by trapped moisture, or tile wear.

Moss growing on or between your tiles can indicate trapped moisture. This can cause additional damage if not attended to.

If your tiles are cracked or peeling around the seams they are most likely due for replacement. If you are unsure how old your tiles are this can be a good indicator.

Spot something suspicious? Unsure? Call 720-248-7999