Insurance Claims

Whether storm, hail or wind damage, all of these things can dramatically affect a roof in Denver, Colorado. This damage is considered dan insurance loss on your homeowner insurance policy. Many insurance companies will pay the entire cost, less your particular deductible, for replacing the roof when it’s damaged in this way. This type of insurance claim is usually considered a natural disaster, which means it shouldn’t lead to future rate increases. C&T Roof Repair specializes in weather-related damage repair and replacement. We understand the roof insurance claim process and can guide our residential and commercial customers through the process easily.

How to Get Insurance to Pay for Roof Replacement

When it comes to knowing how to get insurance to pay for roof replacements and/or repairs, we are experts at this important claims process. We can deal with your insurance company for you and meet with an adjuster if needed too. Our overall involvement prevents you from getting stuck with a settlement that won’t cover the total costs or to get denied. We agree to accept what your insurance company pays for the claim with your deductible and to provide the best quality repair or replacement possible. We are a credible Denver roofing company who works with only the best trained and licensed roofers in the local area.

Filing a roof insurance claim can usually be done online. As a licensed roofer in Colorado, C&T Roof Repair will provide your insurance company a detailed estimate including the quantity of materials needed for the job, labor charges, work specs, starting and completion dates, payment methods, building permits and warranty details. We use the insurance adjuster’s summary report to provide a comprehensive insurance roof claim for your insurance company.

Common Insurance Roof Replacement Questions

Here are some common insurance roof replacement questions that our professional roofers have answered for you!

My insurance company withheld some depreciation on my roof. Can I get that money?

The answer is yes. Most homeowner insurance policies cover full roof replacement value. This means that the difference between the replacement value and the actual value will be delivered to you after the work is completed. Insurance companies generally do this to make sure the work gets done and also that you pay your full deductible too.

Can I avoid paying a deductible? Legally, no. Our professional roofer will NOT submit a falsified invoice as this is insurance fraud. Paying your deductible is a part of the process.

Why is my insurance company only paying for a part of my roof?

The insurance company will only pay for the damages incurred. If the entire roof wasn’t damaged, the insurance company won’t pay for a total replacement. With the help of our roofing contractor and an insurance adjuster, they can assess all damage to the roof to determine if it’s borderline enough to suggest total replacement (meaning they pay for all of it).

Should I get more than one estimate?

It’s always smart to get more than one estimate. However, when your insurance company is paying for the work, the dollar amount of the estimate isn’t important. With this type of repair or replacement, you’re only paying your deductible. Your decision should be based on finding the most professional roofing company in Denver, much like C&T Roof Repair!

To learn more about what C&T Roof Repair can do for you and to begin the insurance claims process, call our professional roofers today at 720-402-8039.